Parliamentary campaign

In the months before the Commons debate and vote on Trident Replacement a number of Early Day Motions highlighted concerns amongst Members of Parliament at the government's handling of the Trident replacement subject. These concerns ranged from the the failure to hold a full consultation through the publishing of a Green Paper, to Labour MPs concerned at the failure to consult within the Labour Party, and the belief that the decision was being made too hastily.
The government's White Paper was published in December 2006 whilst throughout 2006 and early 2007, the Defence Select Committee held a series of inquiries which CND contributed to, both through written and oral submissions, looking at the Strategic Context, The Manufacturing and Skills Base and finally on the government's White Paper.

Ultimately, Jon Trickett's EDM 579 secured the support of 160 MPs and formed the basis of his amendment to the government's motion.

The date set for the debate and vote was 14th March 2007 and in the days preceding four members of the government resigned their seats in order that they could vote against the government or abstain. They were Deputy Leader of the House of Commons Nigel Griffiths , and Parliamentary Private Secretaries Jim Devine, Stephen Pound and Chris Ruane .

The six hour debate which took place on March 14th can be read on Hansard here. Throughout the day, CND organised a major lobby of MPs, there was a direct action blockade of the road in Parliament Square and for an hour either side of the vote, a CND rally with over 1000 people filling Parliament Square. Numerous MPs left the house to address the rally, including John McDonnell, Michael Meacher, Nick Harvey, Angus Robertson, Elfyn Llwyd, Jon Trickett, Emily Thornberry and finally Parliamentary CND Chair Jeremy Corbyn.

In the final vote, 167 MPs (95 Labour, 56 Lib Dem, 6 SNP, 3 Plaid Cymru, 2 Conservative, 2 independent, 1 Respect, 1 SDLP, 1 UUP) supported Jon Trickett's amendment to postpone the decision, and following that, 161 MPs (89 Labour, 56 Lib Dem, 6 SNP, 3 Plaid Cymru, 2 independent, 2 SDLP, 1 Respect, 1 UUP) voted against the government motion to commit to maintain a UK's nuclear weapon system 'beyond the life of the existing system'.

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