Peace Camps

There are peace camps across the country that CND supports. See below for how you can get involved.

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp

There has been a Women's Peace Camp at AWE Aldermaston since 1985. It is held on the second full weekend of each month to protest against the UK's nuclear weapons. The warheads for the current Trident system were built at Aldermaston, and are assembled and serviced at nearby AWE Burghfield. The peace camp is a crucial part of the opposition to Trident renewal. It researches and monitors what happens at the site, makes information available to other campaigners and organises direct action. 

For more details visit / email / phone 07969 739812.You can also follow the camp on twitter - @Peace_women_AWE

Menwith Hill

Women's Peace Camp: Contact Yorkshire CND for details by emailing or phoning 01274 730795

Weekly Vigil: Contact Lindis by emailing or phoning 01423 884076

Faslane Peace Camp

faslane peace camp

A permanent peace camp was set up near the base in 1982 and has been permanently occupied since then. Faslane is home to the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. The Vanguard-class submarines which are the delivery vehicles for the nuclear bombs are stationed here and the warheads are stored at Coulport nearby.

For more information, email or phone 01436 820901.

For more information visit