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The government is cutting funding for education, tuition fees have tripled in recent years, and the graduate job market...

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Wages not Weapons: join CND at Tory Party conference on October 1st

Join CND at the national demonstration at the Tory party conference this year in Manchester to share our Wages...

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Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer. Credit Universal
Have you seen Oppenheimer yet?

Have you been to see Oppenheimer, and come out of the cinema wanting to do something to end nuclear...

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Four men inspect a damaged B61 nuclear bomb
Press releases  /  21 Sep 2023
CND to hold Citizens’ Weapons Inspection at RAF Lakenheath, 23 September 2023

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has written to the US authorities at RAF Lakenheath,...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  7 Sep 2023
DSEI: merchants of death

This year has seen a bonanza for military spending. Sunak’s government is sticking to...

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Stop US nukes coming to Britain
Event on 23 Sep 2023
Stop US nukes coming to Britain: Salisbury

23 September Day of Action: Salisbury action US nuclear weapons coming to Britain make us

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