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CND at XR October Rebellion

Climate change is one of the main threats the world faces today. The hands of the infamous Doomsday Clock...

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Global Dangers Tour

We live in increasingly unstable times, where nuclear dangers are growing alarmingly. CND is highlighting these dangers in a...

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Nuclear Ban Communities

Towns and cities around the world are becoming Nuclear Ban Communities as they sign up to support the UN’s...

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News  /  17 Sep 2019
Time for Labour to change its policy on nuclear power

The planet is burning and urgent action is needed by governments. This must be...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  17 Sep 2019
Climate not Trident: Save our Planet

A new generation is rising up to save the planet – and all our...

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Event on 20 Sep 2019
Global Climate Strike – London demonstration

Greta Thunberg and school strikers around the world have called for a Global Climate Strike

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CND Logo T-Shirt

Organic T-shirts available in a range of colours featuring the iconic CND logo.

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