Save Labour’s Peace Minister

The Labour Party created a new post in 2016, the Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament. Fabian Hamilton MP...

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Will Johnson pull the plug on nuclear?

The nuclear industry is very nervous about the future of nuclear power in Britain. Last week the Nuclear Industry...

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CND temporary office closure

Please note that the CND national office in London is temporarily closed as a precaution due to the spread...

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News  /  30 Mar 2020
Lockdown: it’s wrong for the Hinkley Point C build to continue

I read with incredulity the news that EDF Energy is continuing to have over...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  27 Mar 2020
The US’s nuclear war games

Last week the Pentagon pretty much called off the Defender-Europe 20 war games which...

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Event on 1 Apr 2020
Faringdon Peace Group meeting

Are you a CND member in Faringdon or interested in finding out more? Come to

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CND Logo T-Shirt

Organic T-shirts available in a range of colours featuring the iconic CND logo.

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