On Budget Day, MPs and campaigners are calling on the government to rethink its disastrous £100bn spending commitment on nuclear weapons.

Join MPs at 9.30am on Wednesday 21st (Room B, 1 Parliament Street) as they make a statement calling for the government to cut “unjustifiable” spending on Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system.

Jeremy Corbyn MP will introduce the statement, followed by MPs highlighting their own spending priorities on personalised placards (see image). The statement coincides with the launch of a new CND briefing: ‘Cut Trident and its replacement’.

Campaigners will then assemble at 11.30am opposite Downing Street to protest against the government’s skewed priorities. Campaigners dressed in hospital scrubs, academic mortarboard and gown and firefighters uniforms will be shouldering the burden of a large Trident missile to highlight the impact of the coalition’s spending decisions.

Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary, stated:

‘Trident is economically catastrophic and strategically redundant. At a time of such savage and indiscriminate spending cuts, committing £100bn to nuclear weapons is simply unjustifiable.’

‘The government has conceded that Trident serves almost no strategic purpose and it is now on the back foot. Pressure is mounting from both inside and outside Parliament to follow through the overwhelming economic and strategic arguments to their logical conclusion: Trident must be scrapped.’