The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today expressed its shock and sadness at the killing of a Russian anti-nuclear activist, Ilya Bodoraenko at an anti-nuclear protest camp in Siberia. At least 15 members of a gang shouting fascist slogans and armed with iron bars, knives and air pistols attacked the 21 protest campers at 5am on Saturday, burning their tents and destroying possessions.

The 21 year old activist died in hospital due to skull fractures and other injuries. Two further activists remain in hospital, with others having suffered broken bones and multiple other injuries in the night-time attack near the Angarsk uranium enrichment plant.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said, “CND extends it condolences to friends and family of Ilya Bodoraenko. We are shocked that peaceful protesters should be subject to such a ferocious politically motivated attack. It is vital that Russian authorities investigate the murder on this basis, and not as a case as of robbery and hooliganism as they have suggested.”

Activists claim Irkutsk regional police are reluctant to classify the attack as a nationalist-related crime. According to the International Herald Tribune, Interior Ministry spokesman Valery Grigakin denied the attack was from right wing extremists saying “All of those detained are young people. Some of them are unemployed, some are students. As they explained … they wanted to run amok and get some money out of the tourists and the people at the camp”, yet Andrei Kravchuk, a protester who was attacked reported that “they were well prepared, wearing masks…they shouted nationalist slogans”.

Kate Hudson stressed “It is a fundamental right to be able to protest peacefully. The Russian authorities must do everything to protect this right and ensure that the attackers are punished. The Russian authorities must send a strong and clear message that such fascistic intimidation will be stamped out.”


Notes to Editors:

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