Geoff Hoon’s speech to the Foreign Policy Centre in London marks UK endorsement of ballistic missile defence.

He said the development of a defence against ballistic missile attack was:

‘…in the interests of the UK and its people, just as much as it is in the interests of the United States.’
Carol Naughton commented:

‘Is this the confirmation that Geoff Hoon has signed up the UK as the 51st State of the US?
If this is the signal of UK total compliance to the National Security Strategy of the United States of America, including regime change, then we can only expect the UK to follow America into a war on Iraq.

Whatever happened to the public consultation offered by Mr.Hoon in the House of Commons?

This speech drives a coach and horses through Parliamentary democracy. We are alerting all our supporters in Parliament to join us in outright condemnation of this pronouncement.’

Sam Akaki, Parliamentary worker spoke to Tam Dayell, Father of the House and leading member of Labour Parliamentary CND, who said of MD:

‘It’s a mistake and would be a tragic error if the UK was to support it.’