For immediate release: 18 NOVEMBER 2003

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has found an 18 foot long inter-continental ballistic missile in the heart of London. Assuming that it is one of the weapons of mass destruction that Mr Bush has been hunting for so hard, CND has arranged for weapons inspectors to parade it through the streets of London tomorrow as part of the Stop Bush cavalcade. Should Mr Bush not notice it, they will then try to deliver it to Mr Bush directly at Buckingham Palace.

The cavalcade, which will also include floats from the Stop the War Coalition and people in fancy dress, starts at Jubilee Gardens at 11am and CND will be at the gardens from 10am preparing (inflating) the missile. The procession will then pass through the streets to Trafalgar Square for a short rally at around 1pm. After the rally CND will try to deliver the missile to Mr Bush directly.

CND Chair Kate Hudson said,
“It’s no wonder Bush couldn’t find the WMD – they were in the US and UK all along! We’re lucky to have found this one but we’ve also discovered that Bush has thousands of these nuclear weapons back in the US. We’ll do our best to draw Mr Bush’s attention to this stockpile during the cavalcade.”

She continued:
“I hope that Bush recognises the passion felt by those demonstrating this week. His policies and his agenda are a major threat to world peace and his dreams of Star Wars, new nuclear weapons and pre-emptive wars are dangerously destabilising. He is not welcome.”

CND is one of three main organisers of the anti-Bush events, along with the Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Association of Britain.

CND has over 130 groups in the UK and offices in London, Glasgow, Llanymddyfri (Wales), Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham. It is one of Europe’s biggest single-issue peace organisations, with over 32,000 members.