CND is proud to be part of the movement calling for urgent action to deal with the climate threat. The next opportunity to show our support for this demand is in November, as Glasgow hosts the next UN Climate Change Conference – COP26.

November 6th: Save the date. Protest plans are currently to be confirmed due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, but action will be arranged – both in Glasgow and across the UK – on this date.

The threats posed by climate change and nuclear weapons are intrinsically linked.

  • Trident uses massive energy and resources in research, production, operation, dismantling and eventual waste storage – its carbon footprint is enormous. This is in addition to the environmental devastation wreaked by decades of uranium mining, nuclear testing and nuclear waste dumping.
  • Every penny the government spends on Trident is money that could be better spent on tackling climate change by investing in green technologies and renewable energy sources.
  • As climate change leads to increased competition between states over dwindling resources, such as land, clean water and food, the threat of conflict and even nuclear war is increased.
  • Studies suggest even a regionalised nuclear conflict could devastate our eco-system causing mass starvation affecting millions of people.

In the face of two looming catastrophic threats it is more important than ever that we take our planet’s future into our own hands and organise collectively for change.

Save the date – November 6th – more information to follow.