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NUCLEAR WAR IS LOOMING: our government is fuelling two major conflicts, escalating nuclear risks!

Help CND campaign to end dangerous wars that could result in nuclear disaster

We face a government that prioritises war over negotiating peaceful settlements and continues to pour billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money down the military drain; taking money away from our desperate public services, and by increasing the risk of nuclear war, it is endangering countless lives. We must act now.

CND calls for an urgent peace settlement in Ukraine and for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. With your help, CND can continue its work to help end these wars, organising national demonstrations and mobilising international rallies – ensuring the voices of the majority, for peace, are heard. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in our efforts to achieve these critical objectives.

Your support is crucial to our work for peace and nuclear disarmament. Please consider making a much-needed donation if you possibly can.

Please help us raise £19,000 towards core campaigning costs for 2024.

  • £15 could help fund the phone line at CND for 2 days.
  • £25 could cover our website costs for 1 week.
  • £50 could help CND run and publicise a national opinion poll on the issue of nuclear weapons. The total cost is more than £700.

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