Six lessons to explore nuclear weapons and peace issues, including an X Factor-style competition where groups of students create performances seeking to convince a panel of peer-judges that their stance on nuclear weapons is the most compelling (see this workshop in action in the video above).

The pack is highly relevant to the curriculum and exam syllabuses of English, Citizenship, History, RE, and several other subjects. It is also an excellent way to help meet SMSC and Prevent requirements.

The pack has been awarded the Association for Citizenship Teaching’s Quality Mark, recognising it as an outstanding Citizenship teaching resource.

Reviews of The Bomb Factor can be found on our testimonials page and on the TES website.

Download the whole pack here (zip file)

Download the Bomb Factor PowerPoint

The pack comprises six cross-curricular lessons:

thumbnail of Activity A – Nuclear Explosion Timeline


pdfActivity A: Nuclear Explosion Timeline

Put the effects in the order they occur



thumbnail of Activity B- Concepts About Conflict


pdfActivity B: Concepts about Conflict

Tools to debate the issue of weapons in school and global nuclear weapons



thumbnail of Activity C – The Chernobyl Disaster


 pdfActivity C:The Chernobyl Disaster 
Study the effects of a nuclear catastrophe




thumbnail of Activity D – Mordechai Vanunu


pdfActivity D: Mordechai Vanunu
Was the whistleblower on Israel’s nuclear weapons a hero or a traitor?




thumbnail of Activity E – Peace Symbols


pdf Activity E: The Peace Symbol
Learn the origins of the CND symbol and design your own peace symbol




thumbnail of Activity F – The Bomb Factor


pdfActivity F: The Bomb Factor
Explore the nuclear weapons debate through the medium of the popular music talent show The X Factor! Students create performances and presentations to demonstrate the arguments for and against nuclear weapons.