Join WILPF and guest speaker David Collins for a webinar on connecting the addiction to war and militarism with campaigning for peace, climate justice and the abolition of war.

The webinar will include discussion on the “rules of warfare” compared with the actual nature of war, with particular reference to the disastrous and cruel consequences for women, girls and children, citing the particular case of the UK’s unique addiction to military intervention in preference to wise diplomacy and challenge the commonly held view that war is either necessary or inevitable by exploring the prohibition or abolition of war.

What is the direct effect of war on global heating, climate justice and exploitation of scarce resources? How much carbon will be emitted – and for how long? What are the realities and consequences of the current expansion of military budgets?

David Collins is a former Royal Marines Officer, active with the Veterans for Peace USA Climate and Militarism Group, and an Executive Committee member of the Movement for the Abolition of War. 

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