CND and Declassified UK invite you to this webinar to find out more about the Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA), a little known US/UK treaty that controls their nuclear collaboration.



It’s on the agenda now because it’s coming up for renewal in parliament later this year. It has to be challenged! The treaty was agreed in secret by the UK and US in 1958 to allow for the transfer of information relating to nuclear technology and US-UK collaboration over their nuclear weapons programmes. The MDA is essential to the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, yet there is no effective parliamentary or public scrutiny of the deal. At this dangerous time in world affairs, this is yet another destabilising move by the government – and we have to challenge it.

We will examine why the government should be forced to end the secret nuclear relationship with the US and work instead with the international community to get rid of nuclear weapons.

With guest speakers including Richard Norton-Taylor (Declassified UK and former longtime security and defence editor of The Guardian); Baroness Natalie Bennett (Green House of Lords member); and Mark Curtis (Declassified UK). Chaired by Kate Hudson from CND.



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