Ahead of our demonstration against the first space launch from the UK at Cornwall Newquay airport  on 29 October, CND and Drone Wars are hosting an online webinar to discuss these developments and outline plans for our protest. 

Guest speakers include: Peter Burt, Drone Wars; Dave Webb, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. Chaired by Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary.

Over the past two years we have seen the setting up of UK Space Command, the publication of a Defence Space Strategy outlining how the Ministry of Defence will “protect the UK’s national interests in space” and the announcement of a portfolio of military programmes for developing space assets and infrastructure.

Now we are about to have the first space launch from the UK at Cornwall Newquay airport – which will put at least two new military satellites into space. We need more public discussion and debate about this new push to exploit space for military and commercial purposes. Currently, decisions with possibly huge implications are being made by a small elite of policymakers and wealthy entrepreneurs for their own purposes and not for the benefit of humanity. It’s time to Keep Space for Peace. 



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