Throughout its history the UK’s nuclear weapons programme has depended upon the resources, lands and labour of indigenous communities. Join the Nuclear Information Service (NIS) to discuss the legacy of this exploitative system and the struggle for justice with representatives from some of those communities.

Marie-Claire Faray outlining some of the impacts of uranium mining for nuclear weapons in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Ian Zabarte from the Western Shoshone Nation speaking on the impacts of British nuclear weapons testing in Nevada, USA,
Dr Becky Alexis-Martin will discuss her work on atomic epistemic justice and the role of community knowledge in creating fairer support for people who have been affected by nuclear weapons.
David Cullen, Nuclear Information Service, connections between the history of nuclear colonialism to the current UK nuclear weapons programme.

Chaired by 
Trish Whitham, Co-ordinator at Nuclear Information Service

There will be opportunity for questions during the event.

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