Londoners are playing our part in highlighting the unwelcome news that United States nukes are returning to Britain. We’ll be at the US Embassy in Vauxhall to say thanks but no thanks – we don’t want these weapons of mass and indiscriminate destruction stationed on UK soil.

These nukes will be stationed 70 miles north of London at Lakenheath airbase in Suffolk. The US aircraft capable of delivering these nuclear bombs to their target around the world have already arrived at Lakenheath.

Very few Londoners are aware of this disquieting news. The UK government hope to keep the decision as quiet as possible, and the British media has obliged by paying it almost no attention.

London CND friends and supporters are gathering in Nine Elms, south London to help get this message across. Join us outside the Embassy (10 mins from Vauxhall rail and Overground, 7 mins from Nine Elms tube).

Speakers include Jess Barnard, Labour Party National Executive Committee member; Cllr Emma Dent-Coad; Shelly Asquith, Stop the War Chair; Junayd Islam, Cambridge Student CND; Sue Wright, Norwich CND; and Rev Nagase, London Peace Pagoda. With performances by Ann Garrett, Bromley CND (poem); and Hugh Goodacre, UCU (songs & acoustic guitar).

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Nine Elms Lane
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