10 years ago the world witnessed one of the most serious nuclear incidents of all time.

An earthquake had caused the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan to shut down. The tsunami which followed flooded the emergency generators, cutting power to the pumps which circulate cooling water to stop the reactors from over-heating. The ensuing explosions released dangerous radioactive materials into the atmosphere, an incident classified as a Level 7 – the highest possible – on the International Nuclear Event Scale. 8% of the Japanese landmass was contaminated by radiation fallout from the disaster.

CND remains seriously concerned about the current state of the Fukushima plant. The continuing problems underline the constant danger that nuclear power presents due to events totally beyond the control of power station operators. CND urges the UK government to reconsider its support for building new nuclear power stations in Britain and instead to invest in truly safe, clean and sustainable forms of energy.


Our friends at Japanese Against Nuclear UK (JAN UK) have created this video to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the ongoing disaster, told by a  Fukushima evacuee:


The UK government should announce an immediate programme to phase out existing nuclear power plants and cancel any plans for future investment in the industry. Nuclear power is not the solution to climate change. We need a safe, genuinely sustainable, global and green solution to our energy needs, not a dangerous diversion like nuclear power.