For immediate release:12 October 2002

CND and the Nuclear-Free Coalition (Devonport) are here to protest in the strongest possible terms against the recommissioning of the Vanguard fleet of Trident submarines here in Devonport.

The UK Government signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1969. This United Nations treaty binds the UK to the abolition of all nuclear weapons. In 2000 the present government re-iterated its commitment to the NPT and signed up to 13 steps to Global Nuclear Disarmament. To date none of the steps have been implemented. The re-fit of Trident is in violation of the United Nations.

The International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion is that nuclear weapons are illegal and break humanitarian law because they kill indiscriminately. Yet both the US and Geoff Hoon, the UK Defence Secretary, have declared their preparedness to use nuclear weapons against Iraq because it is suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction. This hypocrisy and disregard for UN Treaties and international law cannot go unchallenged.

Nuclear weapons are immoral and illegal. Their development, testing and use have destroyed the lives of four generations already. Future use would devastate countless more generations. We are here to demonstrate our total opposition to nuclear weapons and war on Iraq. We will continue to protest here and at other nuclear sites until the UK Government upholds international law and scraps Trident.

Carol Naughton, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament