Join us to be part of Extinction Rebellion (XR)’s autumn rebellion – from your own home, garden, local streets – the choice is yours! Powerfully named ‘We Want to Live’ , the action echoes a message at the heart of CND’s own campaigning. Please join with us to raise awareness of the climate emergency, to demand change and to highlight the crucial links between climate change and nuclear weapons – the twin existential threats that we face.

The two issues are closely linked. The fallout of a nuclear war would have devastating effects on our eco-system and even a ‘small’ localised nuclear conflict would lead to crops failing in dozens of countries — devastating food supplies for more than one billion people. And a nuclear winter would dramatically alter the chemistry of the oceans, probably decimating coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.

For the future of us all, the solution to climate change must involve global nuclear disarmament.

Due to social-distance requirements, this Rebellion will not be the same as the one we joined last October. But there are still plenty of actions we can take. Here are just a few ideas!

If you need any support – or have any questions – get in touch with And remember to use the hashtag #ClimateNotTrident if you’re posting online.

In the face of two looming catastrophic threats it is more important than ever that we take our planet’s future into our own hands and organise collectively for change. Become a part of our movement and join CND today.