If you’re enthusiastic about campaigning against nuclear weapons and the role Youth and Student CND can play in the movement, we need you!

YSCND elects a committee to help with the running of the organisation. The posts are generally held for a 12 month period with minimal travel required as most correspondence can be done online. We just need people with ideas, passion and dedication to the cause. The committee comprises the following posts:

Co-Convener x2
-Two co-conveners will be elected to lead YSCND. Responsibilities will include making day to day decisions (including on spending), representing YSCND at external events and running the committee.

Online Content Officer
-The Online Content Officer will be responsible for YSCND’s online blog and monthly mailings to members.

Social Media Officer
-The Social Media Officer will be responsible for YSCND’s social media accounts.

Outreach Officer
-The Outreach Officer will be responsible for contact with YSCND’s groups, as well as making links with possible new groups and other organisations.

Events Officer
-The Events Officer will be responsible for arranging YSCND’s events.

Membership and Fundraising Officer
-The Membership and Fundraising Officer will be responsible for initiatives to recruit new members and raise funds for YSCND.

The new committee will be elected at an upcoming event (date TBC), where we will also be planning our campaigns and activities for the coming year. Please note that if multiple people are interested in a certain role, we can consider creating a team to share the responsibilities. Please note that you will need to be a member of CND to join the committee. Members of the YSCND committee should be 25 years and under or a full-time student.

Are you interested?
Please send your name and membership number along with a short paragraph about why you would like to be on the committee and which position you are interested in to yscnd@riseup.net

We look forward to working together to fight the twin threats of nuclear weapons and climate change!