London CND is launching an online exhibition, opening on Nagasaki Day, 9th August 2020. With works by Graham Ashton, Peter Barton, Steven Feld, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Peter Kennard, Martyl Langsdorf, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti.

08:15, 6th August 1945 – the US detonated an atomic bomb over Hiroshima.

11:02, 9th August 1945 –  the US detonated an atomic bomb over Nagasaki.

It took each bomb approximately 50 seconds to reach the ground. At least 130,000 people died instantly. Many more died in the days and months that followed; terrible deaths of burns and radiation sickness. Both cities were obliterated. These awful acts changed the world forever.

This exhibition considers our relationship to these events today, as we mark the 75th anniversary. Drawing together artists’ responses that hold time and remembrance as central themes, works in film, photography, sound and performance invite the visitor to pause for reflection and connect with these experiences through our everyday, perhaps mundane encounters with time.

The exhibition will be hosted at the London CND website from August 9th 
Updates will be posted on the Facebook event