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With your help, we can achieve nuclear disarmament, just as we have achieved many other victories in the past.


For over 60 years CND has worked to rid the UK, and the world, of nuclear weapons. Without CND and its supporters, the debate on nuclear disarmament might never have taken place, and treaties such as the Partial Test Ban Treaty, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty might never have been signed.

But the threat of nuclear war seems to loom larger every day,  and the hands of the infamous Doomsday Clock now stand at 90 seconds to mindnight, the closest they have ever been, thanks to the twin existential threats of nuclear war and climate change.

We need to keep the pressure on, together. You can make a regular donation, and help CND plan future campaigns, or make a one-off donation to support our ongoing work, using the form on this page. You can also donate to CND by post, or by calling our fundraising department on 07508 778 357.

How else can you support CND?

There are many other ways you can support the campaign: