IAEA inspectors at Fukushima in 2013 Credit Greg Webb IAEA
News 24 Aug 2023
CND condemns Fukushima water release plan

CND condemns the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power’s (Tepco) plan to dump into...

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News 21 Jun 2023
Six reasons why nuclear power will not help solve the climate crisis

Advocates of nuclear power claim a new generation of nuclear reactors is the answer...

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Campaign posts 26 Apr 2023
100% Renewable UK seminar – watch it back

Watch back this seminar discussing 100percentrenewableuk‘s model for achieving 100% renewable energy in the...

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The 2023 Budget dossier standing upright on a table with a union jack flag in the background
News 20 Mar 2023
UK 2023 Budget: No New Money for Nuclear Power

CND Vice-President and scientific adviser Dr Ian Fairlie writes on last week’s Budget statement:...

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