Campaign posts 14 Feb 2024
Don’t put Britain on the nuclear front line: Day of Action

Join the Day of Action on Saturday May 11th! US nuclear weapons are coming...

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Screenshot of Doomsday Clock set at 90 seconds to midnight
Press releases 23 Jan 2024
Doomsday Clock 2024: We’re fast approaching the point of no return, warns CND

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has set the Doomsday Clock for 2024 at...

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A mushroom cloud after a nuclear explosion
Press releases 18 Jan 2024
Nuclear Armageddon: CND welcomes BBC documentary, highlights the urgent need for nuclear disarmament

The documentary, Nuclear Armageddon: How Close Are We?, will air on BBC Two tonight;...

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Campaign posts 15 Jan 2024
Countries that have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

In January 2021, a new treaty entered into force which makes nuclear weapons illegal...

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