Four men inspect a damaged B61 nuclear bomb
Press releases 21 Sep 2023
CND to hold Citizens’ Weapons Inspection at RAF Lakenheath, 23 September 2023

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has written to the US authorities at RAF Lakenheath,...

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Big Ben in background. CND placard reading "No nuclear war" in foreground.
News 20 Sep 2023
Calls grows for UK government to block US nuclear deployment

Pressure is growing on the UK government to block the stationing of US nuclear...

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Campaign posts 20 Sep 2023
Countries that have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

In January 2021, a new treaty entered into force which makes nuclear weapons illegal...

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Stop US nukes coming to Britain
Campaign posts 31 Aug 2023
Resources for No US Nukes day of action

Following news that plans to bring the new B61-12  nuclear bomb to Lakenheath airbase...

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