We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback and recommendations from both students, teachers, PGCE trainees and other educationalists. Below we have compiled just some of the great testimonials we have received over recent years!

Photo: Henry Kenyon

Our work overall

‘I am passionate about the work the CND Peace Education team do for I have seen how it resonates at schools, and other educational and religious settings. CND Peace Education may be small on resources and funding but its outreach has gone as far as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I consider being a CND Peace Education patron as my finest accolade.’

– Antony Owen, peace poet and one of our patrons

Our free school workshops and assemblies

‘Thank you for delivering such fantastic workshops to our students yesterday. The feedback I received was very positive and it was great to see so many of our year 7 students showing off their cranes at lunch time! Students were engaged and I felt that they were hanging on your every word …[I]t was great to see the students focused and being challenged.’

– Jamie Berry, teacher, Priesthorpe School (Pudsey, Leeds)

‘An excellent and professional delivery that promotes cross-curricular learning. The students were engaged throughout the session. Resources are well designed to promote personal responses.’

– Alice Player, teacher, Deptford Green School (London)

‘Fun, interesting and engaging. The best kind of session.’

– Year 10 student, The Hamble School (Southampton)

An assembly at Leicester Grammar School

‘The session has taught me more about the nuclear issue… It was incredibly informative and has spurred me on to find out more’

– Year 13 student , St Francis Xavier 6th Form College (London)

Sadako's Cranes workshop at The Dean Academy

              ‘I enjoyed it lots… It couldn’t be any better’

– Year 9 student, Rainhill High School (Merseyside)

‘Very informative and a real ‘eye-opener’ into nuclear weapons. It made the pupils think about the consequences in depth. I was very privileged to sit in on this session… activities engaged the pupils but also taught them (and me!) a great deal.’

– teacher, St Christopher’s C of E High School (Accrington) 

Our free teacher training sessions

‘This is an inspirational and informative session, practical and confidence building for teachers in training… PCGE students have successfully reused the tasks and approaches to great effect.’

– Marian Carty, PCGE Coordinator, Goldsmiths University

‘The session was awesome! Not only did it help my own knowledge, but it demonstrated truly effective ways to deliver controversial topics to students.’

– History PGCE trainee, Southampton University

Photo: Henry Kenyon
‘Three trainees went on to use the materials and approaches in their interviews… others have built them into schemes of work.’

– Joan Foley, PGCE Course Leader, UWE

‘Informative and engaging modelling of activities which can be adapted to my subject. Delivery team had a brilliant attitude; neutral, encouraging, and well informed’

– PCGE trainee, UEL

Our free teaching resources

Dial M For Missile
Cover of our Dial M For Missile teaching pack
Lesson plans that really involve and engage students in the political psychology and moral decision-making of the cold war era… reaches down every corridor across a school and into every classroom… Accessible for all learners… This is a resource with a high I.Q., offering detail, challenge and real engagement, and in which students aren’t taught what but how to think.’

– John Dabell, former teacher and OFSTED inspector,  independent review, Teach Secondary magazine



The Bomb Factor 
Cover of our Bomb Factor teaching pack
The lesson can captivate a restless class and it’s great for pupils who like to learn on their feet. There’s no time for fidgeting or boredom here’

– Times Educational Supplement 




Under Pressure
Cover of our Under Pressure teaching pack
‘Without doubt, the session on pressure groups is a highly valuable one for GCSE Sociology students in particular because it directly links to the Power and Politics module. The students really enjoy working in large groups and being assigned particular roles. The session is broken up into manageable parts and there is a clear focus throughout. Moreover, the competitive element also enthuses the students because they are keen to have the greatest chance to win the favour of the ‘MP”

– Luke, teacher, Hazelwick School  



Truman on Trial
Cover of our Truman On Trial teaching pack
‘This is an immersive, active learning experience that is thrilling and sobering, intense and exciting… Lessons and PowerPoints have been helpfully created to suit different abilities. They are all deliberately ambitious and encourage students to argue and counter-argue, debate and present like professionals, and consider Just War theory… It prepares students for building a peaceful world by empowering them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills; intelligently combining global citizenship, interconnectedness, culture, identity, social justice and human rights’

– John Dabell, independent review, Teach Secondary magazine



Sadako’s Cranes
Cover of our Sadako's Cranes teaching pack
‘a remarkable lesson pack… touching and poignant resources to engage students in thinking about world peace… make[s] the experience of war feel personal, highly relevant and unforgettable… Beautiful and full of grace, an ideal resource for Philosophy for Children… effortlessly links peace and global education with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM)’

– John Dabell, independent review, Teach Secondary Resources Guide 2019