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Help Stop A New Nuclear Arms Race

The government is in the process of replacing its nuclear weapons system, Trident, and increasing the number of warheads in its arsenal.

This comes at a time when the country is at breaking point after years of underfunding of public services, and the wars in Ukraine and Gaza have raised global tensions to the highest they have been for decades.

A new nuclear arms race is underway, and we need your help to oppose it.

Please help us raise £31,000 towards core campaigning costs in our 2024 budget.

  • £15 could help fund the phone line at CND for 2 days.
  • £25 could cover our website costs for 1 week.
  • £50 could help CND run and publicise a national opinion poll on the issue of nuclear weapons. The total cost is more than £700.

Please make a donation today using the form on this page. Thank you.