CND placard which reads "No to NATO"
Campaign posts 8 May 2024
Join the protests against the upcoming NATO summit!

NATO will gather in Washington for a summit meeting of the heads of state...

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Jens Stoltenberg meets with Emmanuel Macron
News 28 Feb 2024
NATO allies back away from Macron’s troops to Ukraine plan

NATO leaders have been scrambling to distance themselves from comments made by French President...

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Donald trump standing in front of a US flag with his hand on his heart.
News 15 Feb 2024
Trump’s remarks raise spectre of European nuclear weapons

A number of German politicians have suggested that Europe should get its own nuclear...

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CND protester in hazmat suit holds sign that reads: "No debate in Parliament. No media attention"
News 29 Jan 2024
Documents unambiguously state ‘incoming nuclear mission’ to Britain

Recently reported documents add further evidence that the US is planning to deploy nuclear...

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