We’re in an era of severe cuts to public services. The government is cutting funding for education, tuition fees have tripled, and the graduate job market is tougher than ever. But the government has, somehow, found £205 billion of funding – for new nuclear weapons.

Not only are nuclear weapons unethical and immoral, but Britain’s nuclear weapons system is also useless. When faced with real modern day security threats like terrorism or climate change, Trident is completely irrelevant.

Are you a CND member aged under 25 or a student? There are plenty of ways for you to get more involved with Youth and Student CND.

Organise an event
Raise awareness of the need to get rid of nuclear weapons on campus by arranging a talk, discussion panel or information session. Film screenings are also an easy and popular way of introducing people to the campaign – check out your university library to see what relevant films are available for loan.

Get your student union to adopt a Stop Trident motion
Student unions can adopt motions expressing their views on a range of subjects. The University of Manchester Student Union, Bristol University Union and the University of East Anglia Student Union have adopted motions supporting CND’s campaign. If you would like to do the same, here’s a draft motion you could use. If you’re successful, remember to let us know!

Set up a society at your university
If you would like to set up a CND society at your university or college, have a look at this guide. Societies can be a great way of making new friends and sharing skills.

Join the YSCND Committee
We’re always looking for enthusiastic people to help us run Youth and Student CND. Click here if you’re interested in finding out more.

Social media
Follow CND on Facebook and Twitter. Have a look at Youth and Student CND‘s page too.

If you have any questions about Youth and Student CND, please contact yscnd@riseup.net or phone 020 7700 2393.