Front of Palestine march on 28 October 2023
Ceasefire now! – Take action for Palestine

As the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza increases, CND condemns all killing of civilians and calls for the upholding...

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Wages not Weapons: scrap Britain’s nukes

The government announced more military spending in the 2023 budget. Instead of wasting money on weapons, the government should...

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No nuclear war: end the conflict in Ukraine

The increasing risk of nuclear war threatens us all. There is no way to be prepared for a nuclear...

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Tails of several F-35s
Press releases  /  29 Nov 2023
US official’s visit to RAF Lakenheath “further proof” of nuclear mission in Britain

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament sees the recent visit of US Deputy Defense Secretary...

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Campaigners hold up large letters that spell "#Nuclear Ban"
Kate Hudson's Blog  /  4 Dec 2023
How’s the nuclear ban treaty doing?

CND’s Chair, Tom Unterrainer,  attended the recent meeting  at the UN in New York,...

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Green Spirits at and Extinction Rebellion march with CND banner in the background
Event on 5 Dec 2023
West Midlands CND meeting

Are you a CND supporter living in the West Midlands area, or someone interested in

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