Pentagon reveals deal to replace UK’s Trident warheads

Pentagon officials have confirmed that the United States will share technology with the United Kingdom for the development of...

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Can the last US-Russia nuclear arms control pact be saved?

On the 5 February 2021, the last treaty governing US and Russian nuclear arsenals will expire. It is likely...

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Nuclear Ban Communities

Can your town become a Nuclear Ban Community? The United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear...

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News  /  26 Feb 2020
US practices nuclear battle with Russia

When Donald Trump first announced new ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons, CND said this would raise...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  10 Feb 2020
US to practice invasion of Europe

Defender Europe 20, NATO’s biggest wargames for over 25 years, is getting under way...

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Event on 1 Mar 2020
The Plan film screening – nationwide

Part film essay, part documentary, 'The Plan' tells the story of how a group of

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