A British solider sits atop an armoured vehicle
News 23 Sep 2022
Kwarteng silent on massive defence hike

The government’s major hike in defence spending to 3 percent went unreported in Chancellor...

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A Russian flag with "No to war" written in Russian
News 21 Sep 2022
CND supports Russian anti-war movement call amid Putin’s mobilisation, nuclear threats

Russia’s anti-war movement called for a fresh wave of protests against the war in...

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News 30 May 2022
Ask your MP to sign EDM 98

Following reports that the US Department of Defense has added the UK to a...

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Four F-35 aircraft fly overhead at RAF Lackenheath
Press releases 23 May 2022
National CND demonstration at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk: Saturday 21st May 1-3pm

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is organising a national demonstration at RAF Lakenheath in...

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