Keir Starmer stands at podium during the Labour party conference
Press releases 11 Apr 2024
Labour sticks to Tory policy: Starmer’s visit to Barrow shipyard condemned by CND

Friday’s visit by Labour leader Keir Starmer and Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey to...

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News 25 Mar 2024
Sunak to waste more money on Britain’s nuclear weapons

Rishi Sunak has announced that £200 million of public money will go to Britain’s...

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HMS Vengeance at port
News 21 Mar 2024
‘A dangerous new normal’: HMS Vengeance returns from 201 day patrol

Patrols in excess of six months are becoming a dangerous new normal for Britain’s...

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A trident missile spins out of control
News 21 Feb 2024
‘Stop the waste’: another Trident test failure for Britain’s nuclear fleet

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps joined the crew of HMS Vanguard last month to observe...

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