HMS Victorious on the surface in 2013
News 8 Nov 2022
‘A disaster waiting to happen’: British nuclear-armed sub resurfaces after fire onboard

A Royal Navy nuclear-armed submarine had to abandon its mission and resurface, after a...

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Campaign posts 10 Oct 2022
XR Rebellion: Climate not Trident

Join Extinction Rebellion’s Weekend of Resistance to support the future of our planet, and...

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HMS Vanguard at sea
News 3 Oct 2022
Is team Trident running out of subs(titutes)?

Britain’s fleet of four nuclear-armed Vanguard-class submarines is operating at half capacity, with its...

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Campaign posts 21 Sep 2022
Wages not Weapons: the government must address the cost of living crisis

Instead of wasting money on weapons, the government must instead address the frightening cost...

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