News 31 Jan 2023
Superglued subs make a mockery of nuclear safety, says CND

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has called time on Britain’s nuclear submarines, amid shocking...

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A mushroom cloud after a nuclear explosion
News 19 Jan 2023
Johnson should stop goading Russia over nukes and get real about disarmament, says CND

CND has called on Boris Johnson to “get real about nuclear disarmament” after he...

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A nuclear weapons convoy travels down a road
News 16 Jan 2023
Britain’s nuke convoys report 40 safety incidents over three years

CND accused Britain’s regular cross-country nuclear weapons convoys of “playing fast and loose” with...

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HMS Victorious on the surface in 2013. Credit: Will Haigh
News 6 Dec 2022
Accident fears as Britain’s nuclear subs spend record time on patrol

Britain’s nuclear-armed submarines have been going on patrols of record-breaking length, prompting fears of...

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