A general election has been called for July 4th and everyone wants our vote.

How we cast our ballot can make a difference to the way our country is run, to the role that Britain plays in the world, and whether we stand for peace or war. For years now successive governments have backed nuclear weapons, escalated wars, broken international law and poured billions of pounds down the military drain. Now more and more of us are saying No!

We want to make sure that every candidate knows that where they stand on the issues of peace and nuclear weapons makes a difference at the ballot box. What do they think about Trident replacement; about a ceasefire in Gaza; about military spending; about nuclear power? Let’s ask them.

  1. Write to your candidates to find out their views on peace and disarmament. And let us know how they respond.
  2. To support your campaigning around the general election, download our campaign guide
  3. If you know of any candidates standing in your area that aren’t on our list of prospective candidates, please send their details to CNDGeneralElection@gmail.com

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Party policy on  nuclear weapons