2018 is the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which was founded on the 17th February 1958 at the height of the cold war.

CND is planning a number of events – as well as publishing a new book – to mark the 60th year of one of the world’s most powerful collective voices against the dangers of nuclear weapons. Preliminary details of these are shared below.

CND at 60

A new book, which tells the history of CND, will be published in March 2018. CND at 60, by Kate Hudson, describes the development of nuclear weapons and the waves of civil society outrage and protest they inspired. From Polaris to Trident, the London to Aldermaston marches to mobilisations against cruise missiles, the story of 60 years of the largest single-issue peace campaign in Europe is told from the perspective of one of Britain’s foremost peace campaigners.

Book launch in central London • Thursday 8th March • CND at 60 by Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary

The CND logo

The role of CND’s iconic logo – which has become an internationally recognised peace symbol – will be marked with a symbol tour of Britain. A giant three-dimensional logo installation will visit more than twenty dramatic locations across Britain, including the White Cliffs of Dover, the Angel of the North in Gateshead, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.


The symbol will also visit the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, the target of anti-nuclear campaigners in every decade since the founding of CND in the 1950s. The symbol will be joined by CND supporters from across Britain on Easter Sunday, the 1st April 2018, for a rally and celebrations.

60 faces of CND exhibition

A new exhibition will tell the stories of 60 people and their contribution to the peace movement in Britain. Featuring photos of protest, politicians and passionate people, along with a history of CND in their own words. The exhibition will be displayed online as well as at reception in Parliament on the 21st February. Please contact the press office to register.

Peace, People and Protest

A cultural event will take place in central London in June celebrating the role of music, song, and spoken word in the history of our campaign. More details will be announced shortly.

CND at 60 web site

We’ll be adding further details about our 60th year events to the anniversary web site at cnduk.org/CNDat60

Please contact Ian Chamberlain for interviews, stories and features about CND in our 60th year, as well as questions about the events above. Phone 07412019623 or email  pressoffice@cnduk.org