Members of the Scottish National Party are set to discuss a timetable for Trident removal in the eventuality that Scotland becomes an independent country. A decision will be taken at the party’s spring conference next month.

A resolution on a nuclear free independent Scotland calls on the party to set out a road-map with a strict deadline for Trident removal.

The motions says “Conference believes that we need a practical description of the process and timescale to safely remove nuclear weapons at the very earliest opportunity on Scotland regaining our independence.”

It continues “we should develop a credible road map that has at its end point the removal of the Royal Navy’s nuclear armed and nuclear powered submarine fleets from Scottish soil and the closure of related support bases on Scottish soil.”

CND has welcomed the proposal. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “It’s clear that in Scotland, scrapping Trident isn’t some remote ambition but a real possibility. The setting out of practical steps to get rid of nuclear weapons in Scotland is a crucial step. We hope that SNP conference passes this resolution and that it acts as a wake-up call to all political parties.”