For immediate release: 13 July 2004

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today called for political accountability over the decision to go to war in Iraq. They stressed that it was vital that the Butler report did not make the intelligence services the scapegoat. CND Chair Kate Hudson made it clear that for true political accountability the buck must stop with the Prime Minister. CND continues to demand that a full and comprehensive inquiry is held into the decision to go to war.

CND has continually questioned not only the credibility of the intelligence about Iraq’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction, but also the political judgments exercised. It has maintained throughout the war and occupation that it is illegal and immoral.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said,

“The ‘evidence’ of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction used by the government to justify the attack on Iraq was flagrantly inaccurate, of that there is no doubt. Whether this was due to a failing on the part of the intelligence services alone or to the political manipulation of intelligence as many reports indicate, either way the buck must stop with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minster took the country into war on what have been shown to be false premises. This is no small matter and the Prime Minister must be made accountable for his actions.

Whatever Butler concludes the remit of the inquiry was too narrow to fully scrutinize the disastrous decision to attack Iraq. We must now hold a full and comprehensive inquiry. It must have the widest remit so that all outstanding questions about the war can now be answered. Half measures which avoid scrutiny of political decisions are utterly inadequate and throw the government into disrepute. This issue will not go away until the British public has the information that it is entitled to.”



Notes to Editor:
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