CND member in the 1980s? Maybe you can help the Spycops Inquiry

CND was granted Core Participant status in the judge-led public inquiry into undercover policing, chaired by Sir John Mitting QC, after it was confirmed that we were targeted for infiltration by both Special Branch and the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) of the Metropolitan Police particularly during the 1980s.

At the time of being granted core participant status we were advised by the inquiry that police spies under the cover names ‘John Kerry’ (HN65) and ‘Timothy Spence’ infiltrated CND’s head office and a branch of CND in East London. These spycops were tasked to send regular reports to Scotland Yard and MI5 on our activities.

‘John Kerry’ or not ‘John Kerry’?

During the course of recent hearings of the Inquiry our lawyers noted an issue  with the cover name ‘John Kerry.’ In a statement from Trevor Butler’s (HN307) reference was made to the statement of HN65. At paragraph 102 of Butler’s statement, the cover name “Anthony Kerr” is attributed to HN65.

We were advised by the Inquiry that HN65’s cover name was ‘John Kerry.’ Based on that advice we published an earlier article that HN65 used the cover name ‘John Kerry’. However, it is now possible that he was known as ‘Anthony Kerry,’ ‘Tony Kerry,’ ‘Anthony Kerr’ or ‘Tony Kerr.’

So, we ask again – do you remember coming across ‘John Kerry,’ ‘Anthony Kerry’, ‘Tony Kerry,’ ‘Anthony Kerr’ or ‘Tony Kerr’ whilst you were a member of CND in the 1980’s – particularly between 1980 and 1984?

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