The breadth and depth of the support for the movement’s calls for a ceasefire has ensured that this Saturday’s march will go ahead. Thank you to everyone who helped. The demonstration is set to be huge.

We want to send a clear message from the march that we represent the majority of the population in our calls for a ceasefire and that the movement in support of the Palestinians is growing in strength. There are many in the establishment and on the right who want to see us fail on Saturday so it is important that we have the biggest possible turnout and that we remain disciplined and united, and clear on the principles on which we march.

Our call for a ceasefire is rooted in a sincere wish to see an end to all violence, especially that which targets civilians, while recognising that this cannot be achieved unless the root causes of that violence, the 75 years of ongoing Nakba against the Palestinian people, are adequately addressed.

The march assembles in Park Lane at 12 noon and will set off around 12.45pm. We urge people to use Bond Street, Lancaster Gate and Hyde Park Corner stations as well as Marble Arch station to avoid congestion.

We will march past Victoria, over Vauxhall Bridge and past the US embassy to a stage further down Nine Elms Lane. This is not a usual end point but we felt it was important to protest at the US embassy and to respect the Armistice commemorations, by ensuring we were not marching anywhere near Whitehall.

Map with route of march

There will be a very strong stewards operation but the crowds will be big so we suggest people appoint a couple of stewards from their coaches or groups in order to keep in contact with everyone. Coach companies are asked to contact their trade associations for details of drop off and pick up points.

We ask people not to let off fireworks or flares as these can be frightening and our demonstrations have been attended by many thousands of children.

There are a number of stations near the end point including Battersea Power Station, Battersea Park, Nine Elms, and Vauxhall. We ask that when the rally is over at around 4pm, you leave the area as quickly as possible so as not to cause too much disruption to the local community.

It is clear we are starting to make a difference and pushing back those who refuse to call for a ceasefire. Let’s make this Saturday another inspiring, peaceful and united show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

On behalf of the 6 organisers of Saturday’s demonstration: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and Stop the War Coalition.