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‘Keep us off the nuclear front line’: [local CND group] to protest return of US nukes to Britain

[Local CND group] will hold a [type of event here] on Saturday, 11 May, in response to the mounting evidence that US nuclear weapons will be stationed in Britain for the first time since 2008.

[Details about local action taking place]

The event is part of a nationwide day of action by CND groups. We are raising awareness about the impact on us all, if US nuclear weapons are allowed to return to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. It may seem a long way from , but they will put the whole of Britain on the nuclear front.

The plans are increasing global nuclear tensions – already high because of the war in Ukraine. Russia has responded to the Lakenheath news by stationing some of its own nuclear weapons in Belarus. This escalation needs to stop.

In a nuclear war with Russia, Lakenheath would not be the only target. Other military sites and population areas would be on the list. If one Russian warhead, such as an SS-25 or SS-27, was dropped on [local place here], there would be at least [X casualties] (use Nuke Map calculator, input 800 into warhead yield field).

The consequences of nuclear use are too terrible to contemplate. Public concern is on the rise. A poll last August found that 59% of the public were opposed to the deployment of US nuclear weapons to Britain.

[Quote from local CND groups]

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:
“Awareness of the plans to return US nuclear bombs to Britain is growing and more and more people are realising the terrible consequences this could have. We must join together and take action to stop this deployment before it’s too late. Please support our Day of Action on 11 May and help ensure we all have a future.”