A teaching pack that enables students to engage critically and creatively with themes around the Cuban Missile Crisis, giving them an understanding of the experience of citizens and world leaders during this pivotal moment in human history, and reflecting on similarities and differences in the world today. The lessons are highly relevant to the curriculum and exam syllabuses of History, Citizenship, Politics, English, and several other subjects, and are an excellent way to help meet SMSC, British Values and Prevent requirements.

This pack has been designated a Global Learning Resource by Think Global

Reviews of the Dial M for Missile pack be found on our testimonials page and on the TES website.

Dial M for Missile …link[s] the uncertainties of our times with those of the Cuban Missile Crisis. By using historical stimuli to think across the curriculum and outside of the classroom, the resource prompts students to reflect critically and creatively on the world they live in.’

The pack comprises seven cross-curricular lesson plans, each with extension activities and differentiation suggestions:

thumbnail of Lesson 1 – Timeline

Lesson One – Timeline

Lesson One – PowerPoint

Cuban Missile Crisis Timeline




thumbnail of Lesson 2 – Propaganda

Lesson Two – Propaganda

Lesson Two – PowerPoint

Analysing historic and contemporary propaganda




thumbnail of Lesson 3 – Codemakers and Breakers

Lesson Three – Code Makers and Breakers

Lesson Three – PowerPoint

Learning about encoding and decoding, creating their own, and considering the pros and cons of secrecy and surveillance today



thumbnail of Lesson 4 – Civil Defence.compressed (2)

Lesson Four – Civil Defence

Comparing and contrasting civil defence ideas – and responses to them – during the Cold War and today




thumbnail of Lesson 5 – Nuclear Bunker

Lesson Five – Nuclear Bunker

Learning about nuclear bunkers, and deciding which items they would prioritise




thumbnail of Lesson 6 – War Game

Lesson Six – War Game

 Lesson Six – PowerPoint

Students put themselves in the shoes of world leaders during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in a strategic decision-making game (see also our suggestions for a present-day version)



thumbnail of Lesson 7 – The Peace Movement.compressed

Lesson Seven – The Peace Movement

Learning about the peace movement since the Cold War, including its successes and failures