4 June 2007: for immediate release

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today expressed deep concern that the proposed deployment of the US Missile Defence system in Europe will return the continent to the days of the Cold War – shown clearly by Russia’s announcement that it will target missiles at European locations if the US plans go ahead.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said, “For years we have warned that the US Star Wars programme will spark a new arms race – tragically we are being proved right. This totally unnecessary system will protect no-one, but threaten all – by giving the US the ability to strike with impunity, resulting in missiles once again being aimed at sites in Europe.”

The majority of the public in both the Czech Republic and Poland oppose plans for the system to be based in their countries. A recent poll shows 68% opposition to the plans in the Czech Republic, with 77% wishing there to be a referendum on the issue. A further poll showed 67% of the British public opposes any involvement in the missile defence programme [see note 2]

Kate Hudson continued, “This system is not intended to defend Europe. It is being imposed against the will of the people who will be in greater danger as a result of its presence. At the G8 summit our Government must make it clear to the US that destabilising the security of Europe is unacceptable. It cannot be the price for countering an imagined ‘missile threat’ from states like North Korea and Iran – they do not have anything like the technology to strike as far as the US. Tony Blair should use his last few weeks in office to defuse this potential crisis, and should withdraw British support for the US programme.”


Notes to Editors:

1. For further information and interviews please contact Ben Soffa, CND’s Press & Communications Officer, on 0207 7002350 or 07968 420859

2. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is one of Europe’s biggest single-issue peace campaigns, with over 35,000 members in the UK. CND campaigns for the abolition of all nuclear weapons everywhere.