Pyongyang announced on Tuesday that it had successfully tested its first “intercontinental ballistic missile” (ICBM). These tests are highly provocative and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament strongly condemns them.

The missile was fired from Kusong and flew 578 miles, landing in the Sea of Japan.

Both sides are taking steps to escalate the crisis. Previously, Donald Trump said that “all options are on the table,” suggesting that he is prepared to go to war. The US has already upgraded its military position in South Korea and, along with Seoul, responded to the tests with military drills. The deployment of the US Thaad missile system in May 2017 was also seen as a highly provocative move.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “We condemn the missile test and we urge the DPRK government to put an end to further missile tests. The US military drills are a reminder that both sides are acting to escalate this crisis.

“We call on the international community to strengthen efforts to seek an end to the growing tensions in the region. The Six-Party talks need to be resumed as a matter of urgency. The Iran nuclear deal shows what can be achieved through engagement and dialogue.”

“Russia and China are promoting a joint freeze on North Korean missile tests and further US and South Korean military drills. The British government should support this initiative, which acknowledges the security fears on both side of the conflict.”