For immediate release: 24 September 2002
Sunday, 29 September, 9pm to midnight at the the Warbreck Suite, The Savoy Hotel, Blackpool


Speakers: Tony Benn; award-winning Guardian journalist Gary Younge; Jeremy Corbyn MP, Alan Simpson MP, Carol Naughton, CND Chair.

For the story you won’t hear on the floor of the Labour Party Conference, there’s one fringe meeting the media can’t afford to miss. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is stepping up the pressure on Tony Blair to abandon the proposed war on Iraq. Join us on 29 September 2002, at the Labour Party Conference.

CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction (WMD) whoever possesses them, but we believe that international nuclear disarmament can be brought about only by diplomacy and negotiation, not by military action. It is imperative for the UN Weapons Inspectors to return to Iraq.

Any war on Iraq is going to kill thousands of innocent civilians and as such would be illegal as well as immoral. If the British Government supported such a war, it would be guilty of a crime against humanity

“The evidence produced by the Prime Minister this week about Iraq’s WMD capability is inadequate and does not put a convincing case for war. It confirms our belief that this stems from a desire for regime change and has nothing to do with any real threat posed by Iraq,” said Carol Naughton, CND Chair. “The US, along with any other country, has the right to oppose the policies of any world leader. But that does not give them the right to go to war. It does not give them the right to bomb and kill thousands of innocent civilians.”


For more information on the fringe meeting, contact Kim Manning-Cooper, CND 020 7700 2393 / 07751 628174.

Notes to Editors: CND campaigns non-violently for the global abolition of nuclear weapons and has been an active voice in stopping the proposed War in Iraq.