The United Kingdom has joined Germany and France in expressing concern about the future of the Iran nuclear deal.

The E3 group of states has issued a statement which blames ‘the strain of sanctions imposed by the United States’ for unraveling the landmark deal.

The statement continues “We believe the time has come to act responsibly and seek a path to stop the escalation of tensions and resume dialogue. The risks are such that it is necessary for all stakeholders to pause and consider the possible consequences of their actions.”

The statement comes after leaked diplomatic cables revealed that Britain’s Ambassador to the US had described Trump’s withdrawal from the deal as ‘diplomatic vandalism’.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said: “The E3 statement is welcome, and it rightly points the finger at the US administration, but more action must be taken by signatories to alleviate the effects of US sanctions on Iran. The reimposed sanctions are devastating the Iranian economy and as usual with sanctions it is ordinary people who will bear the brunt.”