Westminster tweets of the week

Westminster tweets of the week


Caroline Lucas MP: “Gavin Williamson’s Sacking Is A Chance For A Nuclear Weapons Rethink”

Parliamentary CND chair Caroline Lucas MP wrote an opinion piece for Huffington post.

“Nuclear weapons remain a costly distraction from the real security threats we face, like climate change. The billions being spent on Trident replacement would be much better spent on investing in developing the infrastructure we need for a zero-carbon economy, as well as in protecting public services. To use the money on a project that makes Britain and the world a far more dangerous place is politically irresponsible and economically obscene.”

Rachael Maskell MP: “As a Christian, I’m opposed to ministers using Westminster Abbey to celebrate terrible nuclear weapons”

The Labour MP voices her opposition to the Westminster Abbey ‘celebrations’ in an article for PoliticsHome.

“Instead of celebrating these weapons, we should be embracing the opportunity to work towards disarmament for humanitarian good. The Church should be using its influence to encourage the government to engage with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and work towards a world without nuclear weapons.”

Public Accounts Committee question experts on submarine defueling and dismantling

Witnesses called were David Goldstone, Chief Operating Officer, Rear Admiral Tim Hodgson, Defence Nuclear Organisation Sub Cap Director, Ministry of Defence, Ian Booth, Chief Executive, Submarine Delivery Agency, and Archie Bethel, Chief Executive, Babcock International Group.