Public opposition

There is a strong and consistent majority against nuclear weapons:

Trident & Trident replacement

  • 63% of the public said they'd back scrapping Trident to reduce the deficit in a BPIX survey for The Mail on Sunday in June 2010.

  • 58% of people say that "given the state of the country's finances, the Government should scrap the Trident nuclear missile system" in an Independent/ComRes poll of September 2009 (Table 7)
  • 54% of the public say Britain should "no longer have any nuclear deterrent" in a Gurdian/ICM poll of July 2009 (Table 8)
  • Only 30% of the public would spend £20bn on Trident when offered alternatives of spending on nurses salaries or affordable homes, in a YouGov poll for The People newspaper from July 2009 (Page 4)
  • 72% of the British public, in a poll in March 2007, did not support the government's plans to replace Trident - More4/Populus poll.
  • 59% of the British public oppose replacing Trident when presented with the cost of £25 billion just to acquire a replacement system. (The equivalent of building around 1,000 new schools at current prices) - ICM poll, July 2006
  • 73% of Scottish people thought it was wrong that £50 billion might be spent on a replacement for Trident. ICM poll, January 2007
  • 64% were against nuclear weapons being based in Scotland for another 50 years. ICM poll, January 2007

Supporting abolition of nuclear weapons

Missile Defence

In all three proposed European host countries for US Missile Defence bases - the UK, the Czech Republic and Poland - the majority of public opinion is opposed to the system.

  • 54% of British public believed US Missile Defence would make Europe less safe, while only 24% thought otherwise – YouGov poll July 2007

Global opposition

A 2007 global poll , comparing opinion in Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the US and Israel showed that the majority in all countries believe that their government’s goal regarding nuclear weapons should be eliminating or reducing the numbers to low levels worldwide.

  • In the UK over 90% of people support eliminating (50.9%) or reducing (39.7%) global nuclear stockpiles. Only 0.9% of Britons say the government's goal should be the development of new nuclear weapons.
  • 73.4% of British people believe that nuclear weapons make the world a more dangerous place.
  • 85% of British people support a global ban on nuclear weapons.