With Glastonbury 2024 taking place just before voters went to the polls in the general election, both our stalls in the Green Futures field and at the Pyramid Stage saw fantastic engagement from festival goers keen to know how they could make peace count at the ballot box the following week. This year’s campaign also focused on escalating nuclear dangers, which have risen sharply in the year since the last festival.

We would like to sincerely thank the performing artists who supported us this year: Kate Stables from This Is The Kit; Yard Act; and Sleaford Mods – who all contributed to sharing our call to voters to elect candidates that put people, peace and planet first.

Find below a gallery of photos of CND at Glastonbury 2024:

We’re now getting ready for Glastonbury 2025. It is a political festival which proudly supports the vision of a greener, more sustainable and nuclear-free world. Attending is always a reminder that our campaign is part of a wider movement of organisations, charities, musicians and people who all want a better world.

See you in the fields!