CND has welcomed the possibility that Trident replacement will be debated at next week’s annual Labour Party conference.

Conference organisers have today confirmed that an anti-Trident motion has been accepted into the priorities ballot, which makes it possible that party policy on Trident will be debated. Delegates will decide on the final timetable of debates on Sunday.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“If selected in the Priorities Ballot, Trident will be debated at Labour Party conference for the first time for many years. For a long time now, anti-Trident motions have been ruled out of order.

“This is an enormous and urgent opportunity for the Labour Party to have an open debate on Trident – and to bring its policy in line with the needs of the age – and of the British people. If conference decides to scrap Trident, it will also bring party policy in line with the approach of its new leader, who received a huge mandate from party members on an anti-Trident ticket.

“We urge the fullest possible support for the motion in the priorities ballot and on the floor of conference.

“Parliament will decide on whether or not to replace Trident next year – it is vital that Labour stands against these weapons of mass destruction.”