Politicians, activists, international delegates, and trades unionists are set to gather in London this weekend for a major conference on nuclear disarmament.

In what has been described by campaigners as the “most important event of its kind since the Cold War”, the conference will be the first public discussion on Trident since an anti-nuclear campaigner became leader of the Labour Party.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Our conference comes at a crucial moment for all those working towards nuclear disarmament.

“In the next few months we expect that MPs will decide on whether or not to replace Trident. It’s vitally important that we step up the UK-wide debate ahead of the Parliamentary vote. Our conference will set out our plans, bringing together senior representatives from the Labour Party, the SNP, the Greens and Plaid Cymru, as well as from faith communities, trades unionists and activists from across civil society.

“It’s clearer than ever that public opinion is turning against Trident. So it’s particularly disappointing that the government is acting to subvert this crucial debate – and bypass the democratic process; just this week the Prime Minister announced in his speech to the Conservative Party conference that the government will purchase four new nuclear submarines.

“This weekend’s CND conference is the most important event of its kind since the Cold War. We now have a leader of the opposition committed to disarmament and elected with a huge mandate. It’s clear the government is determined to undermine the widespread popular opposition that Jeremy Corbyn and others represent. That’s why it’s vital that we come together to stop them wasting £100bn on a cold-war relic that does nothing to address our real security needs.”

CND Conference 2015

Saturday 17th October CND AGM & Policy Conference
(for members and observers – press passes available(2))

Sunday   18th October Scrapping Trident Strategising for success in 2016
(public event – TICKETS SOLD OUT – press passes available(2))

Arlington Conference Centre, 220 Arlington Road, Camden, London NW1 7HE
Speakers for Scrapping Trident (public event):

Kate Hudson – CND general secretary
Brendan O’Hara MP – SNP
Hywel Williams MP – Plaid Cymru
Amelia Womack – Green Party
Dave Webb – CND Chair
Mark Soames – Youth and Student CND
Trish Witham & Peter Burt – Nuclear Information Service
Janet Fenton – Scrap Trident Coalition Scotland
Anne Schulthess & Ian Chamberlain – CND
Reiner Braun – International Peace Bureau
Sam Fairbairn – People’s Assembly
Lindsey German – Stop the War
John Hilary – War on Want
George Binette – Camden Trades Council
Steve Hucklesby – Methodist Church
Tim Wallis – Quakers
Matthew Burnett-Stuart – Campaign Against Arms Trade
Rebecca Johnson – ICAN International Steering Group

Full details on the CND web site