Prior to Gordon Brown’s announcement on nuclear weapons and nuclear power expected later today, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament commented that any plan which ignores the fact that Britain is ploughing ahead and replacing its nuclear arsenal will not be seen as credible by non-nuclear states.

Today’s speech, outlining plans ahead of the crucial Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference in May, is expected to focus on spreading nuclear power in a form that doesn’t assist weapons production and on proposals to tighten inspection regimes.
Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said “For any British plan on controlling nuclear weapons to be taken seriously, it must take up Trident. We can’t seriously expect non-nuclear nations to agree to the necessary toughening of international inspections if we ourselves aren’t keeping our end of the bargain – disarmament. The NPT is based on the grand deal that others won’t seek nuclear weapons if the original nuclear powers disarm. Britain can take the lead in all these areas by scrapping Trident replacement – and saving us £76bn.”
“It is a nonsense for the Government to say there is no current nuclear threat to Britain and then commit to having a Cold War-stlye weapons system until the 2050s. Britain can’t expect those without these weapons to make all the concessions – we have to take action to make progress. Unilateral leadership by the UK will promote multilateral reductions by all.”
“Spreading nuclear power technology around the world may advance commercial interests that are profitable for some, but is not the answer to climate change and will increase proliferation risks. A real green energy revolution is needed over the coming decades – British manufacturing could be at the core of that, but exporting dirty, dangerous and expensive nuclear technology is not the way forward.”