Campaign against nuclear weapons  for a safer world

The risk of nuclear war is the highest it has been for decades.

The war in Ukraine has brought into focus the need for an urgent conversation about nuclear disarmament. Between them, NATO and Russia have around 12,000 nuclear weapons – some over 100 times the power of the bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945. 

A nuclear war would result in hundreds of thousands of deaths, both immediately and from the resulting illnesses and famine. Research shows the effect of a ‘limited’ nuclear war would disrupt the global climate to such an extent that a billion people around the world could face starvation.

This is a precarious time for global security.

But this is also a moment of opportunity. More and more states and people are demanding a future free from nuclear weapons. There is hope for a new and urgent conversation about nuclear disarmament.

We need to unite as young people to demand a world safe from nuclear threats. The future is in our hands: let’s build a safer, greener and more prosperous world.

Join CND today to take our planet’s future into our own hands and save it from nuclear war.

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For a limited period only we’re offering all  students and those under 25 free membership of CND for a year. Offer applicable to new members only who are either 25 years and under or full-time students for a limited period between September 20th – 30th.

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